All-on-4 Dental Implants

What is the All-on-4 treatment?

All-On-4 Dental Implants are a modern approach to permanently replacing all your teeth. The revolutionary treatment is a full arch replacement for your missing teeth secured by 4 titanium implants into each jaw.

Using the All-On-4 Dental Implant process, Creative Smiles can restore your smile within one to three days. Starting with a FREE consultation, where Dr. Zamani and his highly skilled team of dental professionals conduct a full dental examination, gather important information, and help answer any questions you have about the treatment.

All-On-4 Pricing

The All-On-4 treatment is revolutionising the way Creative Smiles replace missing teeth, where patients no longer need to worry about inconvenient dentures and uncomfortable dental prosthetic’s. By replacing your teeth with the All-On-4 Implant solution, patients can function as normal whilst enjoying the comfort and aesthetics similar to natural teeth.

At Creative Smiles we endeavour to offer the best possible price for quality dental services. We can guide you through the process and advise you on the best products that fit your budget and suit your needs. Our products are Australian made using the latest technology with quality materials.

Full Restorative Treatment

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4 Creative Smiles Steps for All-On-4 Treatment

Choosing a suitable All-On-4® treatment plan is an important financial and dental decision. Since it is essential that you obtain the correct advice, Creative Smiles offers a free initial consultation to discuss and explore the results you are hoping to achieve from All-On-4® treatment.

Your suitability will be assessed by examining your teeth and bone structure to evaluate the most effective treatment plan for your future. Any queries or concerns will be rectified to help you make a well-informed decision moving forward.

Once you’ve decided on your All-On-4® treatment plan, Creative Smiles sends instructions alongside the 3-D images, photographs and dental records from your initial consultation to Nobel Biocare® technicians.

These technicians will use your records to design and manufacture a set of teeth which are indistinguishable from a natural set of teeth.

In this phase you can expect the following:

  • 3-D scan of your teeth to design the best prosthetic for a natural smile.
  • 3-D scan of your bone to analyse the quality and optimal implant locations.
  • Photo analysis of your facial features to ensure the prosthetic will compliment your unique facial symmetries.
  • Communication between Creative Smiles and Nobel Biocare® to optimise treatment.

The surgery is typically done under a General Anaesthetic to reduce discomfort. Treatment begins by removing all teeth along the arch, cleaning out all remnants of gum disease and preparing the jaw bone to accept the All-On-4 titanium fixtures. If the jaw bone has deteriorated overtime, reconstructive work may be required to repair the bones in order to support implants.

More impressions are taken of the implants through an opening in the gum which is used for optimising the placement of the prosthetic. Wounds are closed with dissolvable sutures that completely dissolve over the following week. All necessary adjustments are implemented before you get to see what your final teeth look like.

After a few days you return to Creative Smiles to have your prosthetic fitted onto your fixtures. Once fitted the prosthesis is rigid, functional, comfortable and ready for day-to-day activities.

Post-surgery may require additional check-ups to ensure everything is functioning normal. After the surgery you can expect some pain or discomfort from swelling or bruising. Creative Smiles will issue pain medication to ensure your post surgery is as pain free as possible.

Maintaining your new set of teeth is no different to your natural teeth since they are permanent (not removable). All-On-4 Teeth should be brushed and cleaned regularly using a standard tooth brush two times a day. For the first few months after treatment it is ideal to remain on a softer diet (pasta, eggs, rice, chicken etc.) to ensure the osseo-integration process of your implants and jaw-bone is not disturbed.

Regular check-ups will be necessary to ensure you have become accustomed to your new teeth and are effectively maintaining healthy dental hygiene. After a few months Creative Smiles will review your mouth to ensure the implants have integrated properly and make minor adjustments if necessary. If the implants have successfully integrated you can then start to eat all types of food.

Maintaining your teeth is uncomplicated for the future, just simply brush and maintain regular healthy dental habits. Ensure you schedule a regular scale and clean just like natural teeth!

What is the All-on-4 Treatment Procedure?

All-On-4 uses four strategically placed dental implants to secure dentures permanently. The implants are tilted at a 45 degree angle to provide the support for total rehabilitation. In addition the tilted implants are strategically placed to avoid parts of the jawbone that are typically poor quality. Meaning bone grafting can be avoided in most cases and the prosthesis can be fitted within days of the surgery. 

All-On-4 will not slip or click out of place, these dentures feel permanent and provide better health benefits. Implant supported permanent dentures can help prevent bone deterioration and keep you feeling healthy and youthful longer.

Check out this video of the All-On-4® procedure, courtesy of Nobel Biocare®.

What are the benefits of All-On-4?

  • Easy home care and oral hygiene
  • No frustrating removable appliances
  • Fast recovery time
  • Eat whatever you want
  • Speak with confidence
  • In most cases, no need for bone grafting
  • Long-term permanent results
  • Improve your quality of life

All-On-4 Dental Implants vs. Traditional Implants

What is the difference between All-On-4 Dental Implants and traditional implants?

Both All-On-4 and traditional dental implants are effective solutions for long term permanent tooth replacement. Specifically, All-On-4 dental implants are ideal for patients missing a large proportion of their teeth in either the upper or lower jaw.

Patients with insufficient jawbone to support traditional implants may also benefit from this All-On-4 treatment, as the implants are strategically placed to avoid the need for bone grafting.

Unlike traditional dental implants, which requires one implant per tooth, All-On-4 dental implants only require four total implants per arch, which are placed at an angle to ensure maximum contact with the gums and jaw. The implants themselves are small titanium screw-like posts that are surgically inserted directly into the jawbone, serving as a foundation for a custom-designed dental restoration or prosthetic teeth.

Because fewer implants are required per arch, All-On-4 implants require less time both during the procedure and during the recovery period.

All-On-4 Dental Implants Suitability

Am I suitable for All-On-4 Dental Implants?

All-On-4 dental implants are a great solution for individuals missing all or most of their upper/ lower teeth. In order to qualify for All-On-4 implants adequate bone support must be present in the jaw.

Individuals who have used dentures for a large period of time may lack sufficient bone support to successfully support the All-On-4 dental implants. Furthermore if you have had missing teeth for a large period of time your bone structure may have deteriorated.

Consequently if your bones are weak, additional bone grafting procedures may be required to properly prepare the jaw for dental implant placement.

Missing teeth can cause numerous problems ranging from the rapid loss of surrounding teeth to diminished self-confidence. Dental implants can be an effective way for those with missing or decayed teeth to permanently restore their dental function, facial appearance and overall oral health.

Not only can dental implants enhance the appearance of your smile, they actually simulate the tooth root, bone and soft tissues beneath the gum line. Dental implants can be an effective way of helping restore the strength of your tissues and improve your overall dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

4 Creative Smiles Steps for All-On-4 Treatment

Yes, at Creative Smiles we are an accredited practice which allows us to have an in-house anaesthetist as a part of our surgical team. Meaning we ensure quality, comfort and safety when sedating or putting asleep our patients under general anaesthetic.

As with any surgery you can expect some discomfort in the following days after your All-On-4 treatment. Whilst our experienced dental surgeons and anaesthetist ensure a pain-free operation, afterwards about 50% of patients do experience some swelling and about 10% experience bruising. In order to minimise discomfort from All-On-4 treatment, special painkillers will be issued to minimise pain following the operation.

If you are considering getting your All-On-4 treatment done overseas, you may want to reconsider. The All-On-4 treatment requires very intricate placement of titanium plates drilled into the bone of your jaw. This means the surgery is irreversible and requires a highly skilled and specialised team to successfully complete the operation. In Australia there is no speciality dedicated to dental implants, however it is a highly specialised field which requires the knowledge of a doctor and skills of a surgeon. Your implantologist must have the insight of a general restorative dentist with the skill set of a surgical specialist. Furthermore Creative Smiles uses quality Australian made products which ensures a longer lifespan for your prosthetic.

Using the All-On-4 technology it may not be necessary to replace both upper and lower teeth. If a full arch of natural teeth is in great condition, Creative Smiles will attempt to save your natural teeth to reduce costs for the treatment. However if both sets of natural teeth are diminished, we advise that you replace both at the same time to achieve the optimum functionality. Additionally, patients will also complete the whole treatment through one surgery visit which also reduces All-On-4 treatment cost. Furthermore, some patients may combine traditional dentures with the All-On-4 treatment on opposing arches. This is a viable option for individuals with insufficient bone support for implants or those concerned with excessive treatment cost.

All-On-4 treatment is a great solution for patients even with bone loss. The posterior implants are tilted at 45 degrees overcomes bone deficiencies and in most cases avoids grafting procedures. The positioning in the lower jaw is angled to avoid the nerve canal, whilst the upper is positioned to avoid sinus cavities. During your consultation’s with Creative Smiles we will assess your suitability for All-On-4 treatment by analysing your bone structure to evaluate whether bone grafting is necessary.

Creative Smiles takes a minimalistic approach when considering the number of implants for All-On-4 treatment. Every patient is different which is why we consider two conditions when designing support for your replacement teeth.

Two basic conditions are:

  1. The resistance and strength of your jaw and bone to withstand forces
  2. The amount of force applied during day to day activities on your implants

The foundation for your All-On-4 treatment must be strong enough to withstand any movement during daily lives, which is why we comprehensively assess your current bone and teeth structure during consultations. Meaning some patients require more than 4 implants for arch rehabilitation to combat weak jaw bone structures.

Gum disease is present when bacteria lives and burrows into the bone and around tooth-roots. As the disease advances, deep pockets of gum recession cause individual or multiple teeth to slowly loosen from exposed unhealthy roots. Most often gum disease is the primary reason why teeth are replaced provided there is enough healthy bone remaining to place implants. After implants are placed, great oral hygiene can easily prevent the collection of bacteria around implants. Creative Smiles will provide all information and regular support for helping you take care of your All-On-4 treatment.

The replacement teeth you get with All-On-4 treatment are quality Australian made products which have a large lifespan. These implants are capable of outliving a patient during their lifetime which is impressive in comparison to dental bridges. Regular dental bridges are attached to your existing natural teeth which can wear down overtime and typically need replacing within 10-15 years.

You can have a completely new set of teeth within 2-4 weeks of your initial free consultation. This includes your teeth and bone structure analysis, designing your new teeth, implant placement under sedation, smile alignment, trial fitting, final adjustments and permanent placement.

Your old teeth will be completely removed to insert the new implants. Once the mounts are secure the All-On-4 teeth can be loaded into your implants in just a 1-3 days after the operation.

The full arch rehabilitation is achieved with only four implants including two straight anterior implants and two 45 degree tilted implants in the posterior. By placing the tilted posterior implants, bone crafting is avoided in most cases by utilising strong available bone. Following the implants, patients meeting certain criteria can have implants immediately fixed and functional.

The All-On-4 treatment is specifically designed to last an entire lifetime by using durable titanium dental implants. These titanium implants are tilted up to 45 degrees when drilled into bone, utilising more bone density in order to support the bridge. As new bone growth forms, it attaches to the titanium implants through a process called osseointegration which increases mechanical strength and stability. Additionally, the bridge is developed using advanced CAD/CAM technology which is manufactured to highly precise measurements taken from your 3-D scan to replicate your natural teeth. Meaning the quality of your All-On-4 teeth is outstanding and can function indistinguishably from a natural set of teeth, destined to outlive patients.

Similar to traditional implants, a certain level of bone structure is required to support the dental implant in place. A bonding process known as ‘Osseointegration’ increases the mechanical stability and strength of your dental implant. If patients have severe bone deterioration, they are usually ineligible for traditional implants which support only one tooth. In juxtaposition the All-On-4 implants are placed strategically to share the load of the entire arch removing the need for bone grafting in most cases. A suitable jawbone structure is found to support to the All-On-4 implants during the initial consultation where we take a 3-D scanning of your mouth.

The price of the All-On-4 treatment is quoted per arch. Inclusive is the cost of extracting remaining teeth, implant surgery and the permanent prosthetic which is custom designed for you. Since your mouth is comprised of two arches, if you replace a single arch you can expect to pay half the cost of a full restoration.

Payment has never been easier with Creative Smiles buy now, pay later interest free scheme. You simply create a Zip Money account and use your balance to pay for your treatment over time (up to 48 months). With Zip Money you can pay on your terms by scheduling payments to suit your lifestyle with weekly, fortnightly, monthly or once-off payment options.