Fill a Gap and Restore your Teeth

A dental bridge is a restoration used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are cemented into place and cannot be removed by the patient.

Nearly everyone who has one or more missing teeth is a candidate for a dental bridge. However, the difference between proper and improper oral hygiene is generally what determines the success of the dental bridge.

There are several different types of dental bridges. Some of these include the traditional bridge, the resin bonded bridge (also known as a “Maryland” bridge), and the cantilever bridge.

At a free consultation, one of our qualified dentist’s will recommend the most appropriate one for you depending on your mouth condition and the location of the missing tooth or teeth.

What is involved in placing bridges?

A bridge is made up of two or more crowns that anchor onto natural teeth, supporting false teeth in between. These anchoring crowns are called abutment teeth, and the false teeth in between are called pontics. The bridge can be made from a combination of materials such as gold, alloys and porcelain.

Depending on your situation, filling a large gap with a bridge can:

  • Restore your smile
  • Restore the ability to properly chew and speak
  • Distribute the bite forces properly
  • Prevent remaining teeth for shifting out of place