Payment Plans

Buy now. Pay later. Interest free.

The smarter way to pay for your dental treatment over time, on your terms

Step 1

Create an account with Zip Money. Simply complete a quick application and get a decision in seconds.

Step 2

Use your zip balance to pay for your treatment. Receive the treatment now, and pay us back over time (up to 12 months).

Step 3

Schedule repayments to suit your lifestyle with weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-off payments.

Simple No Interest Dental Payment Plans

Our dental and orthodontic payment plans are different. Unlike some other payment plan solutions, we don’t charge you any interest on your treatment. We don’t require you to go through stringent credit checks or provide detailed financial information.That means you can spread the cost of your treatment over time – no fuss. Speak to our dentist’s or staff about DentiCare payment plans.

Create a Zip Account Today!

  • You only need to fill out a simple, one-page Direct Debit payment plan form with our dentist.

  • Start your treatment straight away. Now there’s no reason to delay that perfect smile.

  • No complicated finance contracts to complete. No credit checks and no lengthy approval process are required.

  • Don’t pay any interest on your dental or orthodontic treatment. No interest, no fuss.

  • Choose your repayment period from 3 to 24 months and how often you pay. A payment plan that is convenient for you and our dentist.

  • Relax, no need to worry about paying for your treatment all at once. Spread the cost over time.