Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

A painless way to receive your dental treatment.

Professional dentistry involves various sedation methods that are safe and mild enough for most patients to enjoy. Because of their limited effects oral sedation can usually be administered by a Creative Smiles general dentist before or during your procedure. However, for patients who experience severe dental phobia, have special needs that make routine care difficult, or who must undergo oral surgery, intravenous (IV) sedation is often necessary. For optimal safety, IV sedation is typically administered by a licensed anesthesiologist who closely monitors vital signs and the level of sedation throughout treatment.

Conscious IV Sedation is proven to give you a more relaxed positive experience.
IV Sedation can be used to make longer complex procedures more comfortable. It can be applied to treatments including:

Children and adults alike can request IV sedation.

It is used to give you a very relaxing and happier dental experience.

We also offer General Anesthetic for patients.

IV sedation induces a sleepy state of deep relaxation and a feeling of not being perturbed by what’s going on.

You may not remember much about your treatment at all.