Using Super For Dental Work

Can I Use My Super for Dental Work?

If you are asking questions such as ‘Can I use my super for dental work?’ or ‘How do I initiate early release of my super for dentistry work?’ Our partner, SuperCare can assist. Dental treatments do qualify for early release of superannuation funds in some situations, but whether you are eligible will depend on your specific circumstances. In general, a patient who meets the following three criteria will be a candidate for early superannuation dentist release:

  • You do not have relevant or sufficient dental insurance to cover the procedure
  • You are unable to afford the procedure given your current financial situation
  • You or an immediate family member has a superannuation fund

Types of Dental Procedures That Might Qualify for Early Release of Super for Dental Treatment

If you meet the requirements laid out above, then you might start asking whether specific types of dental procedures qualify for early super access. For instance, a common question at this stage might be ‘Can I use my super to pay for dental implants?’ Here is a partial list of procedures that may qualify you for early super access:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental crowns
  • Braces/orthodontic care
  • Root canal surgeries
  • Periodontics treatments
  • O&M surgeries (oral and maxillofacial)

The expense and the necessity of the treatment in question will be factors in determining whether you can pursue the early release of funds from your superannuation.

The Process

  1. Creative Smiles send your details to SuperCare via our Referral Form
  2. A SuperCare consultant will contact you to discuss your eligibility
  3. If eligible, we begin the application
  4. Creative Smiles produces a quote and support letters to form the basis of the claim
  5. Application is reviewed and lodged with ATO
  6. Assessment might take up to 14 business days
  7. Application approved